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The next generation of Crucial Ballistix gaming memory

Crucial gaming DRAM fuels legendary gaming experiences. Check out Crucial Ballistix, MAX, & RGB options to find the best fit for you.

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Crucial X8 portable SSD for gaming

Expand your console and PC game storage with the Crucial X8 portable SSD, available now with speeds up to 1,050MB/s.

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Streamer builds a career and a community

Ever wondered how Twitch™ streamers create their audience and manage to make a living off playing video games? Turns out it’s not so easy, but Ben Bowman, aka ProfessorBroman, has done just that.

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Crucial Ballistix gaming DRAM and SSDs

From hard-core to casual players, we’ve got the gaming memory and storage solutions for everyone.

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Which is Better for Gaming: HDD or SSD?

Does it even make a difference? Get all the facts and find out more.

Which SSD is Best for Gaming

Find out what makes an SSD the best fit for your gaming computer or console.

The Best Computer Specs for Gaming

Finding the right gaming computer specs depends on your situation; your budget, the kind of games you like, whether you play with regular or maximum settings, and aesthetics.

PC vs Console Gaming: Which is Better?

Explore costs, setup & upgrades to decide on the best option.

How to Build an Epic Gaming PC

This guide will walk you through building a rig for the best performance within your budget.

Windows® 10 for Gaming

Learn how to get the most from Windows® 10 features for gaming. Our guide will help maximize the features to maximize your game.

How Much RAM Do I Need for Gaming?

How much RAM do you need for gaming? Learn about memory and gaming – how much is too little and how much might be unnecessary for your needs.

How to Upgrade a Gaming PC

Is your gaming rig running slowly or suffering from lag? Check out our guide for help with gaming PC components.

How Ballistix Memory Can Enhance Computer Gaming

Ballistix memory can help you stay on top of your opponents while gaming. Learn more about the benefits of Ballistix memory now.

Ryzen processors + Ballistix memory = total compatibility

AMD Ryzen processors are compatible with all Ballistix memory. The #RyzenReady combo proved itself by breaking the world overclocking record.


How Designers Use Light and Color to Make Great Games

From Myst to Overwatch: how color and light breathe life into video games.

Why Universities are Embracing Esports

Don’t be surprised when esports elbows—or button-mashes—its way into becoming one of the most popular collegiate sports.

Gaming on the Autism Spectrum

Countless studies have debated the issue, but there are clear benefits to gaming that can counterbalance any negatives, if encouraged and monitored.

CES recap: Next gen Crucial Ballistix gaming memory line unveiled

The Crucial Ballistix and Crucial Ballistix MAX lines feature high-quality Micron die, brilliant RGB, and dynamic heat spreaders for maximum performance.